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About The Fresh Lab


We offer affordable apparel inspired by the 5 elements of Hip Hop [Graffiti, B-Boying, MCing/BeatBoxing, DJing, Skateboarding] and the Long Beach lifestyle!

We also provide in-house custom printing services including apparel, stickers, banners, fatheads and more! Along with printing we provide Graphic Design services and logo art packages. We'll help you turn your ideas into the Freshest product that you'll love! 



Established in 2007.

This story starts with a couple in high school who shared a passion for fashion and art. Together they created a beautiful blend of graffiti art and stylish apparel that eventually lead to screen printing services for other parties.

Meet the Business Owners

Jacinto (jr) & Ilene


Jr grew up surrounded by art. Art became his hobby throughout his life. When he got to high school he was captivated by graffiti/urban art. He was also inspired by the skater brands and took the step towards his Graphic Design Degree to be able to create his own image.  Ilene, drawn to fashion at a young age, pursued her interest in fashion design including merchandizing and marketing.  She loves all things fashion related and strives to find the best look with the best bang for your buck!   Now years later here we are..!  There's a great sense of satisfaction and pride when our community uses or wears custom made products from The Fresh Lab!